Here are a few testimonials from recent clients:


When I came to Laura, my organization, Aspirations of Life (AL) was preparing to shift the scope of our primary services. We desired to focus more on providing group mentoring programs geared toward serving youth in grades 4th-8th.  In addition, I was challenged with managing multiple aspects of the organization with limited resources. Laura helped me identify ways to improve program curriculum, consider new strategic partnerships and learn to better utilize the resources available within the organization. After working with Laura, new plans and strategies were developed to execute programming and I was able to delegate more responsibilities to individuals within the organization.   As a result, I have successfully grown partnerships, implemented after school programs and identified additional helpful tools outside of the organization to help manage some of the aspects of the organization.

-Tiffany M. Fincher, Aspirations of Life NFP




monica harris


“Laura has provided our company with a third party unbiased perspective that has resulted in critical progress of our strategic planning processes. Since retaining Laura as our business coach, we have developed clearly defined job descriptions, customer service systems, new service packages, and target market specifications for each independent service and product we offer.
-Monica C. Harris, Efficient Estates, Inc.





kimberly arrington

I was so impressed by Laura’s Package Your Expertise for Profit presentation, and her ability to help  “Passion and Purpose” based Entrepreneurs focus on our individual strengths to reach our goals. My personal experience was IMMEDIATE MOVEMENT. I was able to delegate my work to others, (like she suggested) while I focused on more income producing activities for my company, and in ONE WEEK I implemented these new money streams. She is AMAZING, and you will be so glad to learn from her. It will definitely increase your bottom line!”

Kimberly Arrington, Creator of I AM ME University 





kimisean liggett“Working with Laura was a positive, enlightening experience. She helped me to identify my problem areas and address the issues that needed to be dealt with so I could break into my dream career. I was able to breakthrough the blind spots in my life and clarify the key issues that were holding me back from my own success. With realistic and challenging goals, Laura helped me implement a plan to get and stay on track. Today, I am working on my M.A. In Counseling Psychology! Because of Laura’s assistance, I am on path to pursuing a career as a licensed counseling psychologist. It is my hope to one day aid others, just as Laura has aided me, in realizing my full potential to empower others to be the very best they can be.”

–Kimisean Liggett





“Prior to joining the Dream Builders Mastermind Circle, I was lost.  I had a big picture, but I didn’t have the strategies in place to get there. I was exhausting the same ideas over and over.  Being in this group has given me a first class ticket to get to the next level. I was looking for an opportunity to advance my business, and my dreams and visions have come to life! I just wrapped my pilot episode of my talk show that will be viewed in national markets.   I’ll be pitching my show to major networks!”

Chundria Stanback, The Chundria Stanback Show



miriam allen“I met Laura as a 50+ year old, with career/life decisions to make, knowing I had a dream, but with no solid plan in place to realize this dream.  Laura was my first formal experience of being “coached” as an adult.  Being coached by Laura was a good experience for me because the sessions we had even encouraged me to rediscover some important things about myself that time and circumstances had forced to the recesses of my being.  Laura’s step by step coaching process reminded me of learning to ride a bike.  With Laura I was able to realize that like learning to ride a bike, the ability is already in you, sometimes you just need someone to “go the route with you”.  Laura literally step by step helped pull out of me a very practical plan that I can claim ownership for creating!  Laura not only helps to pull out what is inside you, but she also adds some of her personal research and contacts to catapult your journey on the positive road.  The goals that I have to realize my dream are practical and obtainable.  As of a few months ago, all I had was a dream.  Now it’s just a matter of a little more time and “sweat equity” and my dream of opening my own childcare facility will be a reality!”


-Miriam Allen, Dear’s House Child Care Center



“I entered private practice with no practical business experience. After almost 2 years of financially surviving, I decided I wanted to THRIVE! So I hired Laura Knights, and it was the best decision I have made!! She was excellent from the first email to the last phone session and beyond! She helped me turn my vision into reality through practical steps, so now I have a website, and a way to expand my business! In a few months, once some of these practical steps have been realized, I’m hiring her again to help me take this to the next level!! She is honest, knowledgeable, fun, easy to understand, and very client-centered. I highly recommend her!!!

Rebecca Nancy Schoenewolf Foley, MA, LMHC, RMT, RS Holistic Counseling & Coaching




aaja car


“Prior to joining Dream Builders, I had not considered having a coach nor did I see the value of it. I’ve experienced so much growth…especially in my confidence. I was able to enhance my offerings so I didn’t leave any loopholes in my services. I have had a lot of success…I went from not booking any clients to booking clients and getting regular repeat clients, and even some monthly retainers.”  

Aaja Corinne Carr, Image Consultant & Brand Strategist, Aaja Corinne The Brand 



ruth walker“I attended Laura’s Power of Intention Vision Board Workshop expecting to complete something that was overdue on my to-do list, and walked away with a new way of living.   I was able to implement the practical daily activities that will allow me to see my vision come to pass.  In just one month since the workshop, the results have not only increased my accomplishments, but my attitude about life and most importantly myself.  If you have ever procrastinated or doubted your ability to achieve, this workshop is an answered prayer for your motivation.” 


-Ruth Walker, Independent Beauty Consultant, Mary Kay Cosmetics




“Being in corporate America all my life, I had no idea how to shift from someone’s employee to running my own business. Laura taught me how to combine my years of nursing with massage therapy to make my business something people wanted to invest in as a lifestyle change. Now, I’m working less as a nurse and more in my company. I’ve decreased to only working in the hospital 1-2 times per month because my massage therapy clientele has increased!

-Marcia Cutright, RN, LMT, Power of Touch Massage Therapy



deanna grant



In my  Strategy Session, we discussed SELF MASTERY and my CORE VALUES. We also clarified my company’s client service offerings.  Laura has an amazing gift of helping you center yourself and being intuitive to you and you business goals. Every great athlete has a great coach…Thank you Laura Knights with Gratitude and LOVE!”

– DeAnna Grant, Grant’s Financial Services