Laura’s courses and books are for people who are ready to take action to create the life and business they desire. By combining powerful teaching, interactive exercises, and practical strategies; these on-demand digital programs and books will help you gain momentum as you work toward your goals at your own pace.  Select a product below to get started.


thinpaperback_795x1003 (1)Pricing for Profit Mini-Guide – $7


The Savvy Solopreneur’s Mini-Guide to Pricing for Profit will provide you with the a complete understanding of what factors to consider when pricing your services. In this digital workbook, you will walk through a series of steps to price your offerings for profit.

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The Power (& Profit) in Partnership: An Actionable Guide to Help Solopreneurs Grow Their Business Through Joint Ventures – $10 + $6.95 S/H


As a solopreneur, you wear multiple hats in your business.  It can be a challenge to be the CEO, marketing director, administrative assistant…and the list goes on. Imagine adding more money to your bottom line while sharing the cost of expenses, the workload, and the stress of being an entrepreneur. Partnering with another solo business owner is one way to accomplish this.  The insight and exercises in this workbook and DVD will help solopreneurs get a clearer picture of how partnering with another business owner can benefit their bottom line, and provide the necessary tools to embark on the partnership journey.

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Goals that Stick! Online Master Class – $47

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Do you suffer from “vision ecstasy”?  It’s that overwhelming feeling of excitement and expectation when you set a new goal.  You have big dreams like finally launching your business, making six figures, getting out of debt, or losing weight. You get fired up thinking about how it will feel once you achieve the goal, and all the wonderful outcomes that will come with it.  Then after a few weeks (or days) of that mountaintop experience, you start sinking back into old patterns of thinking and behavior, day-to-day life kicks in, and that vision becomes a fleeting pipe dream.

Does this sound familiar?  If
so, this three-part master class will show you how to lay the foundation for your goals to stick AND the practical action steps you must take to turn those dreams into reality.

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